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APTIMA®Estiderm 930ml


High-Power Dermatological Supplement designed to Strengthen Skin Structures

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VetNova APTIMA® Estiderm 930ml

High-Power Dermatological Supplement designed to Strengthen Skin Structures

  • Active ingredients with synergistic action in a high concentration and bioavailability.
  • Helps skin desquamation management.
  • Improves skin elasticity and hydration.
  • Stimulates the natural healing during inflammatory processes and accelerates the physiological regeneration of injured skin.
  • With Biotin , Zinc , L-Cysteine and Vitamins.
  • Rich in Omega-3 ( DHA and EPA ) and Omega-6 ( GLA ). It provides a healthy balance of fatty acids , which play a vital role in the cellular membranes structure as a support for horses with skin problems.
  • Very safe : ideal for prolonged use.
  • Omega-3 extraction patented method , for the best bioactivity.

Recommended Use ; 

  • For proper healing of damaged skin and coat.
  • As a support of pathologies with compromised hair , coat and skin quality : allergic dermatitis , insect bite hypersensitivity ( Culicoides, summer itch , flies … ) , atopic dermatitis , contact dermatitis , food allergies , etc.

Directions for Use

  • Initial ( 2 weeks ) : 2 measures per day.
  • Maintenance : 1 measure per day.

Effects of APTIMA® Estiderm may be seen 3-4 weeks after initiating administration. Shake before use and administer by mixing it with food or by a syringe orally.


  • Oil with measuring cup.
  • 930ml ( 31 days )

Key constituents ( per 30ml ) 

    • Omega – 3               5580mg                       Vitamin E         335IU
    • DHA                         3810mg                       Vitamin A         33784IU
    • EPA                         1000mg                        Vitamin D3      652.4IU
    • Omega-6                 2500mg                        Vitamin B2       20mg
    • GLA                         910mg                           Vitamin B3      130mg
    • Zinc                          370mg                          Vitamin B5       50mg
    • L-Cysteine                20mg                            Biotin               10m



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