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CONFIDENCE EQ – Equine Appeasing Pheromone Gel ( Pack of 10 x 5ml )


Naturally helps to prevent or reduce equine stress.

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CONFIDENCE EQ – The unique approach to equine stress.

Pack Of 10 x 5 ml Sachets

Like many mammals , nursing mares naturally emit a calming pheromone that reassures their newborn foal. When the foal encounters unfamiliar situations and uncharted territory, this pheromone makes the foal feel comfortable , secure , and more self-assured , enabling them to better learn about their surroundings.

Confidence EQ is an identical replica of this horse appeasing pheromone. Numerous studies have been conducted since the equine appeasing pheromone was discovered , proving it`s effectiveness in reducing stress in conditions that occur frequently in horses of all ages.

When to use Confidence EQ ; 

The ideal time to use Confidence EQ is when you anticipate your horse will be exposed to something new which they may find stressful, Using Confidence EQ alongside the appropriate training will help ensure they have a positive experience. If a problem has already been established then Confidence EQ can be helpful in resolving it , alongside appropriate corrective training and handling as advised by a suitably qualified equine behaviourist. Confidence EQ can be used to help build confidence in situations such as ;

  • Loading , travelling and recovery after arrival.
  • Environmental changes ( new yard , stabling ) or competition environment.
  • Social situations ( weaning foals , meeting new horses )
  • Dealing with loud noises ( large crowds , thunderstorms , fireworks ).
  • Breaking young horses and introducing new exercises during training.
  • Farrier , vet or dental visits.

Confidence EQ helps reassure horses , helping them focus allowing them to use their own skills to cope with their surroundings.



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